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Private Lessons:

1 Month = $130/Month (regular rate)

1st, 2nd packages (10% off or $117 per month)

For 2 Months = $117 x 2 Months = $234

For 3 Months =  $117 x 3 Months = $351

3rd package = $100/Month x 4 Months = $400

Please make arrangements in advance of booking lessons

Group Lessons: 

$80 per month for non-enrolled students, $45 per month for enrolled private students.

“Just Fiddlin’ Around” solo CD by Rebecca Price, B.A. in Violin Performance for $17.16  Sample it on Welcome Page!!   Classical, International Fiddle, Sacred music.   Visit on face book Becky´s Violin Studio – Violin Lessons, Est.1997

Private and/or group lessons are available.  Before enrolling for lessons you will be given an interview to learn more about the studio, lessons, and more.  There are no background or age requirements and lessons are always individualized for the student.   Reserving music lessons is done in advance, be prepared to make payment for however many lessons you will want.  Should you need to change your lesson times, or take a leave of absence you can do this easily. 

Reserve your lessons or CD’s now

Call studio at (909) 790-1613  with questions